Instant Pot Jambalaya Soup

Instant Pot Jambalaya Soup

3 Andouille Sausages (quartered lengthwise and chopped) 

3 boneless skinless chicken thighs (chopped into 1/2in cubes) 

3slices bacon chopped (optional)

Chopped celery

Chopped carrots(optional)

Chopped onions

Chopped red/green bell peppers

Chopped garlic 3tbsp

1can diced tomatoes

2 cups rice

7 cups chicken broth

Cajun powder

Cayenne pepper


2 bay leaves
Press saute button. Wait for the pot to get hot then add a little bit of oil (1tsp) to prevent sticking. Brown the bacon in the pan and set aside. 

Saute the chopped sausages and season with cajun powder. 

Take out and set aside. 

Brown the chicken (season with salt, pepper, cajun powder). Take out of the pan and set aside. (Remove excess oil leave about 1tbsp)
Saute onions, garlic, celery, carrots and bell pepper until they are fragrant and tender, about 3-4mins. Add in the diced tomatoes. 

Add in the rice and stir. Let the rice absorb the flavors for about 3mins. Add in the chicken stock and stir everything together well. Add in the bay leaves. Set your IP manual, 12minutes on high pressure. Put the lid on and seal. Once it’s done, quick release and enjoy! 
*this is going to be a fully loaded soup. If you prefer more liquid, add in less rice 🙂 


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